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Steel Structure Workshop

Modern Prefab Steel Structure Building Prefabricated Warehouse/Workshop/Aircraft Hangar/Office Construction Material 

Steel structure building formed by Steel Column , Steel Beam ,Bracing ,Purlin , all the Steel Structures Fabricated in Workshop and delivery to Project site , quickly installation , green building and save manpower.

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China Steel Structure Workshop Manufacturers and Suppliers.Our company has perfect design, professional team, and the competitive price.

Steel Structure Workshop

Modern Prefab Steel Structure Building Prefabricated Warehouse / Workshop

/Aircraft Hangar/Office Construction Material 

Steel structure building formed by Steel Column , Steel Beam ,Bracing ,Purlin , all the Steel Structures Fabricated in Workshop and delivery to Project site , quickly installation , green building and save manpower.

1. Comparison between Steel Structure Workshop & Traditional Building

①. Traditional Building:

A. Time consuming: Long construction period

B. Laborious: The process is complex and laborious

C. Non-environmental protection: non-recyclable and high cost


②. Steel Structure Workshop:

A. Time saving: Place order online and finish within 30 days

B. Ease of worry: site construction, assembly type

C. Environmental protection: recycling reduces the cost by 50% 


2. Characteristics of Steel Structure Workshop

Light dead weight: the steel has high strength and flexibility. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete buildings, it has high strength, light dead weight, good rigidity of all rigid frames and strong forming ability.The self-weight of the steel structure workshop is only one fifth of the brick-concrete structure building, it can resist 70 meters per second typhoon, so that life and wealth can be effectively maintained.

Seismic performance: steel structure workshops have good life safety performance in earthquake. Most of the steel structure roofs are sloping roofs. Therefore, the roof structure basically adopts the triangular roof truss system made of cold-formed steel members. After sealing structural steel and color steel plate, it components form a very strong "plate rib structure system", which has stronger seismic resistance. It can be used in areas with seismic intensity above 8 degrees

Durability: The steel structure workshop its structure all adopts the cold-formed thin-wall steel component system composition, the steel bar adopts the super anti-corrosion high strength and hot rolled galvanized sheet manufacture, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel plate in the process of construction and application, and increase the service life of light steel components. The service life of the main structure can reach more than 50 years.

Large span: steel structure can be designed accordingly, suitable for large-span structure, and no use columns if u want, saving space effectively.

Economy: the formation of steel structure workshop is very simple, and its self weight is very light, so total cost is just one third of the general concrete structure, and the operation profit is one third of the general structure building. Comparison: concrete structure: 800-1500 RMB/ square meter; steel structure workshop: 260-500 RMB/ square meter, it greatly controlling the cost.

Flexibility: flexibility and varied. Large bay design, indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes, which can meet the different needs of users and bring huge design space.

Thermal insulation: sandwich panel is the main thermal insulation and sound insulation material adopted by steel structure, and the wall products mainly include color steel sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel, which has excellent insulation and sound insulation effect. The insulation panel with partition wall achieves better insulation effect. The thermal resistance of R15 fresh-keeping cotton with the thickness of 100 mm can be equal to that of M24 brick wall with 1 m thickness.

Thermal insulation: the thermal insulation effect is a main target for evaluating the housing. The windows installed in the light steel system adopt hollow glass, and the heat insulation effect is good, with heat insulation up to 40 db; the wall composed of light steel framework and color steel panel can achieve the heat insulation effect as high as 60 dB. It's two-thirds of concrete and twice as much as wood structure.

Comfort: the light steel wall adopts high-efficiency energy-saving system, which does not need to worry about formaldehyde exceeding the standard. At the same time, it has good ventilation performance. It can make the air above the house form a fixed atmosphere and ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation needs of the roof outside.

Effectiveness: all dry construction, not affected by environmental season, not affected by water and electricity. A 1000 square meters inside and outside the building, as long as 5 workers, 30 working days can achieve the whole process from the ground to the decoration.

Environmental protection: materials can be 100% recycled, truly green without purification.

Energy saving:all adopt high-efficiency energy-saving frame, layer and wall, with good thermal insulation, sound insulation and heat insulation effect, which can reach 50% energy-saving standard.

3. Production Equipment of Steel Structure




4. Production Equipment of Panel

4-1.jpg  4-2.jpg  4-3.jpg  4-4.jpg

5. Transporation




6. Installation At Site



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